There are plenty of worthwhile safety related
organizations in aviation to which your financial support would be welcome. Comparatively, a small
foundation composed of volunteers from the field of aviation and members of the Barbour family,
dedicated to honoring those who with great sacrifice and purpose search out new discoveries in flight safety.


Laura Taber Barbour Air Safety Foundation

All contributions will be directed to those costs associated with maintaining
the Foundation and its good works in recognizing and advancing the purpose of aviation safety. Aside
from annual costs for accounting and bookkeeping services, all other work by both Foundation and Award
Board members is performed completely on a voluntary basis.

Laura Taber Barbour Scholarship Fund

The Laura Taber Barbour Scholarship Fund depends upon the generous giving from
those who want to support the ongoing need to inspire and motivate aviation students. All donated funds
are applied directly in increments of $1000 and in full amount toward the tuition of students chosen to
be Barbour Scholars. All work performed by the members of the Laura Taber Barbour Scholarship Committee
is on a voluntary basis.

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